Chapel Cottage

Based in Derbyshire, Chapel Cottage forms part of The Meadows registration and is located less than 3 miles away. This provision is a solo occupancy home and was created in order for young people needing a period of intensive work to have a dedicated space, free from interruptions to help them to stabilise their behaviours with staff support.

The provision is staffed on a 2:1 ratio and provides a therapeutic setting for a young person to stabilise and develop. Like The Meadows, this provision offers access to our school and shares a staffing team with The Meadows also.

Chapel Cottage provides on site therapy led by a clinical psychologist to suit the individual needs of the young person. Some of the therapies available include; Empathic Behaviour Management under the PACE Model, DBT, CBT, ART Therapy and Equine and Animal Assisted therapies.