Therapies: Mary Ruth Therapeutic Services

Mary Ruth Therapeutic Services Ltd is run by Mary Silson and is a dedicated service for children in residential or foster care, or after adoption. The expertise of the service is within attachment and developmental trauma.

The senior therapist, Mary, who provides therapeutic support at Country Care comes from a CAMHS background and has completed training in evidence -based psychotherapies for a broad range of child emotional, psychological, social and developmental difficulties.  Mary is trained and experienced in many approaches for children looked after, including DDP (Level 1 &2) Theraplay (Level 1) – including MIM assessment, Art Therapy, Mentalisation based approaches, DBT approaches, family therapy (foundation) and systemic approaches. Mary has worked with care-experienced children for over 10 years and draws upon attachment focused models within her work with families and residential staff.

Mary works collaboratively with Psychologists from ‘The Child Psychology Service’ to embed a wrap-around therapeutic package within Country Care. The shared focus of the clinical team is on the importance of working systemically with young people and their primary caregivers to increase opportunities for young people to experience positive relational experiences, build upon their resilience and strength and fulfil their potential.

Bio: Who is Mary Silson?

Mary attended the Northern Programme for Psychological Therapies at Sheffield where she gained her MA in Art Psychotherapy. Before undertaking her MA, Mary worked for a charity which supported projects in Bulgaria, Romania and India. The work consisted of supporting mothers and children in India and working with children and babies placed in state orphanages in Bulgaria and Romania.  During Mary’s training, she undertook clinical placements within a CAMHS (Child and Mental Health Service) setting across both Tier 3 hospital-based setting and in a specialised children looked after service within the community. Following training, Mary worked for a domestic abuse charity that supported children and their mothers living in hostels.

Over the last 10 years Mary has worked as a therapist within a variety of settings and provisions including residential care, foster care, pre and post adoption as well as providing consultations to school settings. Mary has also provided training to residential workers, foster carers, social workers, adopters and teachers on working therapeutically with children and young people including the impact of early trauma and the relevance of neuroscience to this field. Mary has delivered specific attachment training for a Local Authority Adoption Team as part of their preparation to adopt groups.