The Scamnel

Based in Staffordshire, The Scamnel is a therapeutic children’s home that was especially created to provide therapeutic care to young people of both genders.

The home is located in a semi rural area of Staffordshire, having good community links to local towns and villages. Young people here generally attend mainstream school provisions or PRU’s, however it is possible for them to attend our own school if necessary.

The home is our specialist ‘nurture’ provision generally accommodates under 14’s although is able to provide placements to young people aged from 8-18. Young people referred to the Scamnel often have a trauma history and require specialist intervention in order to settle and develop, enabling them to reach their full potential.

The Scamnel provides on site therapy led by a clinical psychologist to suit the individual needs of the young person. Some of the therapies available include; Empathic Behaviour Management under the PACE Model, DBT, CBT, ART Therapy and Equine and Animal Assisted therapies.

To contact the Registered Manager for the home, email