Meadows School: School Curriculum

Daily Routine

The school day starts at 8.55am and is divided into five 1 hour lessons. Pupils have a 10 minute break after each lesson and a 45 minute lunch break. The timetable below gives an example timetable for a Key Stage 3 pupil although each pupil will have an individualised timetable that takes into account their academic, therapeutic and behavioural needs. School ends at 3.15pm.

B = Break, L = Lunch

Day 8.55 -9.55 B 10.05-11.05 B 11.15-12.15 L 01.00-02.00 B 2.10 – 3.10 3.10 – 3.15
Mon Maths English Geography Science PSHE Review
Tues Maths English History PE PE Review
Wed Maths English Sciene Citizenship French Review
Thurs English Art D&T Science Religious Education Review
Fri English ICT Science Outdoor Education Outdoor Education Review

The Meadows School Curriculum

Curriculum time each week adds up to 25 hours, organised as a 5 period day on a weekly timetable.

Subject Key Stage 3 No: of Lessons Key Stage 4 No: of Lessons Accreditation
English 5 *5 Unit Awards, Entry Level, GCSE
Mathematics 3 *3 Unit Awards, Entry Level, GCSE
Science 4 *6 Unit Awards, Entry Level, GCSE Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Additional Science
ICT 1 *1 Unit Awards, Entry Level
Technology 1 *1 Unit Awards, Entry Level Food Technology, Graphic Products
PSHE/Citizenship 1 *1 Unit Awards, Entry Level, GCSE (short)
Art & Design 1 *1 Unit Awards, Entry Level, GCSE
History 1 *1 Unit Awards, Entry Level, GCSE
Geography 1 *1 Unit Awards, Entry Level, GCSE
RE 1 *1 Unit Awards, Entry Level, GCSE(short)
French *1 Optional Unit Award, Entry Level, GCSE
PE 2 *2 Unit Awards, Entry Level
Outdoor Ed 2 *2 Unit Awards + NGB qualifications
Child Development x Optional Unit Awards, Entry Level, GCSE
Psychology GCSE
Equine Assisted Qualifications Entry Level, Level 1/2
Statistics GCSE

*Time allocation may change due to individual needs eg. in Key Stage 3 French may be replaced by another English session if Literacy is a particular area of concern. At Key stage 4 the allocation may need altering to cater for needs e.g. a child who is doing GCSE Citizenship may need more than one session. The core subjects would usually be increased rather than decreased in line with needs.

As an AQA Examination Centre all examinations up to and including GCSE can be taken on site.